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It's always good to switch things up when it comes to skin care and here's the lot I'm currently loving..

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil 
This really is as good as everyone makes out! I’ve used the cleansing butter from this range from and I love it, so naturally I was expecting to feel the same about this. For an oil based cleanser I find this quite light on the skin, it’s amazing at breaking down make up and I’m talking heavy duty liner. I take a few pumps of this massage it in to a full face, rinse with water and voila it removes everything. My skin is left feeling clean and looking brighter. 

Vita Coca Coconut Oil 
I’m in love with coco - YES I am! If you don’t like the smell of coconut then this may not be for you but seriously this stuff is WOW. I’ve been using this to moisturise my body, I scoop a little of this out and massage into the skin. It absorbs really well, locks in hydration and gives your skin a glow. I am really enjoying using this product and I generally prefer oils over creams when it comes to my Summer body care routine. There are so many uses for coconut oil, I actually used this in my hair the other night and when I washed it out my hair was shiny and silky - You know how much I love the multi purpose products! 

Kiehls Day Concentrate 
I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with this product because it seemed like the daytime equivalent to the Midnight Recovery Concentrate and that didn’t work for me. Nevertheless I've been giving it a go - I take about 3 drops of this and massage into my skin prior to applying moisturiser. I like the consistency because it sinks in to the skin well without remaining oily.  I’ve found this has brightened my complexion and kept my skin feeling moisturised  throughout the day. It's designed for fatigued skin and right now my skin is exactly that so I'm sticking with this! This doesn't launch until September but it's worth keeping an eye out for - I'll do a follow up nearer to the launch date. 

I have been after a good facial exfoliator for ages now, it seems like the one product I'm never fully satisfied with. I think it's down to my skin which can sometimes be sensitive but then at the same time it's dry so it often NEEDS a good scrub. For the last month or so I have been using this one from Bliss and I love it, it doesn't seem to aggravate my skin which is a good thing. The consistency is lightly grainy so it removes the dead skin and unclogs the pores without being too abrasive. I have noticed a great difference since using this it's really helped to decongest my skin and as it's not too harsh I can use it every other day

What have you lot been loving for your skin lately?

Lots of Love 


  1. I bought the TBS cleansing oil recently too and it is awesome indeed! I love that it feels so soothing on the skin and is suitable for oily skin.

  2. I absolutely love the body shop cleansing oil too!! So good!

    Jacynta xx

  3. The camomile cleanser is so, so amazing!


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