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Brows on Fleek! | The Duo


This is definitely of those killer combos..

I've been meaning to blog about this brow duo for the last month or so but haven't got round to it - Let's just say, these two are totally heading to Holy Grail Status. 

I get so many questions about my brows here are a few fun facts.

#1 - I do them myself, whether it's threading or the tweeze of the odd hair here and there it's all done by me, Mouldy

#2 - I'm hairy, hence big brows

#3 - I'm lazy and do my brows PROPERLY every two weeks, I try as minimal maintenance as possible (which is usually hiding the hairs with concealer ha!) 

#4 - I have a dodgy brow with a scar through it where no hair grows (Why I began filling them in!) 


Everything I use from this brand I adore, the quality of the products are nothing but amazing and they continue to blow me away. I love the brow line because it's not as soft as some of the pencils I've used in the past. Trust me this is a good thing, it allows you to naturally fill in the brows without them looking too drawn on. The colour Sable is perfect for me it's dark enough but not too harsh. I find the brow comb on the reverse end ideal for brushing my brows into place before I fill them in. I've been using this daily for two months now, it's awesome - LOVE


It's so easy to loose the realness from your brows when you fill them in. The older I've get the less I like my brows to look too groomed and too perfect. Most brow gels I've used in the past are too wet in consistency and end up leaving my brows looking crispy - No Bueno!  What I love about this product is the consistency it's just right, I also love the colour (dark brown) as it intensifies my brows, grips on to the hairs and sets them in place. I like that this products doesn't dry and harden the hairs instead they retain their realness - You can actually see brow hair YAY! 

Brows in fleek they say..  

What have you been loving for your brows? 
Lots of love 


  1. You brows definitely are on fleek here! x

  2. Can you do a tutorial on the threading and how u do it to urself? Please!

    1. yes please do! your brows are amazing!!!!

  3. I'm super impressed you do your eyebrows yourself. They look great! X


  4. Your brows are on point! Wish mine looked like this x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

  5. Your brows look absolutely perfect. The shape is great, they look natural! Love <333


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