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Wait? What? Dubai Again! | MouldyMoments


I'm sure most of you know that I'm here.. (in Dubai!)

If you want to see what I've been up to then here's some of those MouldyMoments. Last week was a lot of fun - My two closest friends in my favourite place throw in one of Vidals closest friends and it was something like The Fantastic Four! Lot's of laughs and outings which is a complete contrast to this week here in Dubai where I've barely made it out of pjs - working on emails, editing and all that boring stuff! I accidentally filmed in a different format hence the crappy quality - UGH! and  I had such trouble getting this vlog up.. Anyways, hope you enjoy it! 

Have a fab weekend 

Lots of Love 


  1. Awww... i'm glad you had a great time with friends... cherish them always!

  2. A few of my friends live in Dubai, it seems like such a beautiful place with so much to do. Next! Me thinks :)

  3. Love this blog post. Dubai is one of my favorite places to go on vacation to and seeing it through someone elses' eyes is always an experience! Love the cute "mouldymoments" title of the series - I cant wait to see more. The vlog was also a nice complement to the blog. I'm obsessed with the palm tree shots!! Thanks Zara :)


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