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NEW Product Launches | The Video


This is becoming quite the monthly thing on my YouTube channel..

I like being able to talk through some of the new beauty releases out there because not everything ends up on MouldyFruit - That would be impossible! It's hard when there's a constant influx of products, combine that with my own unhealthy obsession of purchasing new beauty bits - So every now and then it's nice to do a quick run through of some of the latest beauty launches. I say quick but really and truly this video was 50 minutes long and I spent a whole day editing it, cutting it down to under 15 minutes - Trust me it's quite the challenge and cringe at listening to my own voice. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy the low down on some of the new things coming your way!

Be sure to open in YouTube for full product listings and don't forget to subscribe!

Lots of Love

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  1. Can you please tell me what color you got in the ysl saharienne bronzing powder? Thanks!


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