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Someone Say Summer Glow? | NARS Tahiti Laguna Bronzer


Could this be the answer to that perfect Summer Glow?

I was a little confused when the NARS Tahiti Laguna Bronzer arrived on my desk, I say that because I hadn’t heard anything about it!- Call it a surprise if you like? a pleasant one at that. First of all I was super impressed with the packaging - Not only do you get a LOTTA product but this new sturdier compact comes complete with a mini contour brush - Great for girl on the go! If you're as clumsy as me you will know the original NARS Bronzers break like fine china when they hit the floor, I somehow feel like this will be a much more reliable companion. 

Let's move on to the important stuff - The colour. 
Simply GORGEOUS. It's almost a blend of Laguna with the added warmth of Casino. It's the ideal product for achieving sun kissed, Summer skin and I can already see how beautifully this would enhance a tan. I've spoken about how tricky it can be finding the right tone of bronze for my complexion (I find they often look dirty on my skin) - This however, is the ultimate colour for warming up the skin. You need little product and the texture of the powder is fine, so it sits well on application. I add a little to the natural contours of the face to fake that holiday glow. Best of all you can use it for your face or body! 


If you're looking for a little upgrade on your Laguna, this is definitely worth checking out!

Lots of Love 


  1. I hope this stays around because I sooo want this in my collection, it sounds gorgeous and that mini brush?! adorable!! ^_^
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

  2. Sounds great and I love the packaging! I think I need to pick that up :)


  3. Nars Laguna is a fav of mine for contouring, I think this one might be a little dark on me but it suits you to a tee sabiha xx

  4. OOOh ir looks absolutely flawless on your skin!
    Afeeyah xo

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