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Tips 'N' Tricks | Four Steps to Fuller Lips


Now I’m all for that fuller pout - heck I would even consider some lip fillers if I could tolerate injections - As that’s not likely to happen any time soon, I thought I'd share my four steps to fuller lips. 

This lip combination and these steps have become part of my daily make up routine - I like that it’s somewhat natural but still defined and best of all enhances my natural lips. 


I always like to use a lip liner a few shades darker than my lips, my favourite of the moment is NARS Morocco sadly it’s discontinued but it's the perfect shade of warm brown against my complexion. Other favourites of mine include MAC Soar and Kevyn Aucoin MinimalThese are great lip liners that define the lips so well. I tend to slightly overdraw my lips then proceed to fill in my entire lips with the pencil. OH before all of this I should mention applying a lip balm, to keep your lips nice and hydrated


When it comes to selecting a lip colour, I like it to be a touch lighter than the lip liner I've used. This way you maintain that darker outline which gives the illusion of fuller lips. One of my go-to shades is Illamasqua Bare which is the colour used here, it’s a soft, dusky pink lipstick that works so well with darker liners. If it’s not this lipstick then most often it’s Sephora Colour Lip Last 4 - LOVE! 


Sometimes I stop here but if I want to create an even more plump pout, I take a touch of a nude lipstick in this case NARS Velvet Matte in Belle du Jour and I apply this ONLY to the centre of my lips. Concealer also works really well for this trick but any sort of fleshy tone will do. The ombre of colour helps to create fullness and the lightness in the centre opens out the lips. 


The last part which sometimes is the first part - is to dust a little highlighter on the cupids bow as the light hits this gives the illusion of fuller and more plump lips.

There you have my four steps to pout perfection, I know this may seem pretty obvious but it’s often the obvious steps we forget!


Try it, let me know how it goes! Tag me in your selfies.. 

Lots of Love 
and lips.. 




  1. Great tips! I also slightly go just over the line of my lips on the top lip on the sides and it really helps x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Thanks for this, I'm always looking for ways to boost the appearance of my lips, I was cursed with thin lips! haha Thanks! :) xx


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