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NEW IN | NARS Dual Intensity Blushers


On Friday I trotted down to Liberty’s London for a masterclass on the new NARS Dual Intensity Blushers

I’m sure many of you know that NARS blushers are amongst my favourite, I’ve used them for years - I adore the gorgeous selection of shades and how well pigmented they are. I was eager to find out more about the new Dual Intensity Blushers as I’d heard little about them and OH what a treat they are! They come in six duos - Three of which are highlighters and three that are cheek colours, they are all simply stunning

What makes these blushers unique is that they can be used wet or dry - Not going to lie this scares me a little! You guys know I'm not overly fond of cream/wet products but this could very well be the exception. The head make up artist for NARS showed me how to apply the best way to apply these wet. She spritzed some water in the palm of her hand, swirled around the new blusher brush (O-M-G this is brush is amazing but may very well deserve it’s own post!) and applied the product buffing it into the skin. The finished look was gorgeous, so dewy and radiant. The same goes for the highlighting powders they can be used wet or dry and these can be applied under and over foundation. 

The Dual Intensity Blushers are just as beautiful when applied dry, the finish is softer on the skin but still gorgeous and glowy.

Here are my picks three favourites! 



Oh how pretty, you know I love my highlighters and the warmth of these two golden tones works so well with my complexion. I really loved how these looked on the cheekbones when applied wet - a fresh, radiant finish. 



I think this may very well be my favourite out of the lot! I love peach blushers, they are the ones I gravitate to the most. I find they perk up the cheeks so well and I think the accompanying gold shade really compliments the peach wonderfully -  This is definitely a dreamy duo



I never thought this colour would work for me but oh WOW, the deep almost berry toned blusher is warm and rich and really gives my skin life, this reminds me of NARS Taos. The lighter pink shade I was hesistant about but Anna showed me a great trick, apply this above and below the deeper pink and it diffuses the blusher so beautifully, it’s a great transitional shade and allows you to get a gorgeous gradient of colour. 

No doubt these will be making many appearances on my face in forthcoming posts! 

The Dual Intensity Blushers are exclusive to Liberty London all of April and will then be available nationwide from next month. 

Will you be checking these out?

Lots of Love


  1. I don't own any Nars products but really think it's time to try, Frevor and Jubilation look stunning x

  2. Ahhh I want them alll!!!! So so pretty!

  3. Wow, I really want to try these out - thanks for mentioning how the MUA used water in her palm to use them wet! Had no idea how to go about doing that, since it's different than an eyeshadow. :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  4. Wow these look gorgeous!! Interesting concept.. I love when brands change things up a bit! I think these will be going on the wishlist! Great post.
    Ciara-Rose xx

  5. The pinky shade one looks gorgeous! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  6. These look gorgeous, I can't wait to try them out x


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