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MouldyMoments | Films, Friends, Fountains & Farewell!


I decided to take a little time off over the last week 

No reason other than I simply wanted a break from uploading; On here, YT, Twitter & Insta - it all gets a bit much at time and I probably put too much pressure on myself. Every now and then I think it’s good to take a step back - Disconnect to Reconnect. Anyways today I am bringing you the last of my Dubai VLOGS - I already miss Dubai and sometimes I wonder why I’m not living there, TBH it feels more like home than London. The last week was filled with friends, films and fountains! 

Hope you like this one! 

There will be lots of updates this next week, so I’ll look forward to talking more to you guys then!

Lots of Love



  1. Wow, awesome video. Love your Dubai Vlogs, thanks to you it has moved up to the top of my must visit places.
    - Maya.

  2. Love the video and your Dubai vlogs x


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