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March Favourites | The Low Down & The Video


Better late than never right!

It's ridiculous how fast this year is just flying by and each month favourite videos seem to creep up on me ever so quickly. Lots to get through this month and there's even a few non beauty favourites thrown in the mix. I particularly found a lot of loving for hair care this month all down to the new shorter do. There are a couple of skincare products that have been saviours over the last month, they fixed me up when my skin was having an episode in Dubai. I may have found the perfect Spring nail polish, it's gorgeous! As for make up there's two new products and then some rediscoveries. Click play to catch up on the favourites from March!

Lots of Love


  1. Love your hair in this Zara.. the chop was definately worth it.. Im considering it now too! Sami xx

  2. Omg love your lipstick here, what do u have on ?! Beautiful!


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