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Currently Crushing | Round Ray-Bans


It’s Sunday night, I feel guilty for not uploading a video today and so I’m doing what I do best -procrastinating. I’m currently crushing on Ray-ban round sunglasses - so why not share them with you?

1. Round Folding Classic Gold and Brown 
2. Spotted Blue Havana 
3. 2180 Black 
4. Round Metal Matte Gold 
5. Round Metal Matte Gold Polarised 
6. Lily Shot Voilet Rubber

I love accessories that can instantly transform your look and sunglasses are probably my favourite thing for doing that. From frame shapes to lens colour. What shades I wear often depends on my mood and I have many pairs from the ‘Hide my face, I don’t want anyone to see my bags” sunglasses to the “I’m making a statement” pair! Last year I was all about Ray-ban Aviator’s but this year I think I’ll be rocking round frames - There’s certainly something, rocker chic about these circular sunnies and I’m ready to jump on that bandwagon. Here are some of my favourite pairs of round Ray-bans

I’m so indecisive when it comes to picking a pair, which would you choose? I know I probably don’t need another pair of sunglasses but I blame the sunshine! This always happens to me.. 

Sunglasses over shoes any day haha! 

Lots of Love


  1. Damn right girl! (Although I do kinda like shoes too! Ha!)
    I like 2 and 6 the best. Both cool and very 'statement'

    Lis x

  2. Round raybans are my dream pair! Love the original ones but number 4 is looking tempting haha


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