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Back to Basics | Eye Primers


I thought I would take things back to basics with a post on eye primers.

You know I love my eyeshadow, I don't really feel complete without it and wearing an eye primer is essential for me. Not only do primers prolong the wear of shadows, they prevent creasing and intensify the colour pay off. Today I'm sharing with you my three favourite eye primers. 

This is my special occasion primer, the one I like to whip out if I'm going full force with the eye make up. This product is quite similar to the Laura Mercier Eye Basic but I would say the consistency is a little thicker. When I tend to layer a lot of shadows I find this is the best primer to hold that. 

Described as the foundation for eyes these are well and truly my make up bag must have. I've been using these daily for maybe two years now and they have somewhat become my go-to eye primer. The Eye Basics have a doe foot applicator which I use to dot the product onto each eye and blend in with my fingers. They mattify quite soon after and act as the perfect base to apply and blend in your shadows, oh so effortlessly! 

These were probably the first product I ever used as an eye primer and having recently rediscovered them, I stand by my first thoughts - they are amazing! I find these are best to apply with your fingers as the warmth makes the product easier to work with. I like the way they have an almost instant matte finish when applied to the eyelid and they grip shadows so well without making it hard to blend. I sometimes like to wear paintpots alone with a little bit of liner, I'm currently loving the shade Groundwork

Some of you may know this but I have overly watery eyes so finding a primer that stands the test of time can be challenging but these three haven't failed me!

What are you favourite eye primers?

Lots of Love 


  1. The Nars pro-primer is my go to eye primer and if you haven't you should definitely check it out!

    Dar |

  2. I am currently in love with the instablur eye primer from The Body Shop, it's amazing!

    Clare |

  3. I love my paintpot as a primer! I have fair skin so Painterly works well, but I'd like to try Groundwork too. Normally that is the most I'll use for primer :)

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  4. These are awesome picks, love a good eye primer.
    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  5. I'm currently using the Nars eyeshadow primer and find this is good for everyday wear. Perhaps when I've finished with this I'll try one of the 3 you mentioned. sabiha xx

  6. I love Paint Pots so much <3

  7. I used to use paint pots all the time! I must dig painterly back out, it's such a lovely base x


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