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I know I often feature articles on women’s style but so often I’m around men and naturally my interest in male grooming and mens fashion has evolved

It got me thinking about my growing passion for mens style and too often I’m stalking my favourite male fashion icons on Instagram. I thought would share three of my favourite accounts - All of these men have got it going on! They dress effortlessly yet everything is so carefully curated, they're metrosexual, so you know they take care when it comes to their appearance and best of all their photographs are truly beautiful



My brother is probably my personal male style icon, I love the way he dresses and the way he can put things together. From his round rimmed glasses, to his tailored blazers - He knows how to dress and even when he’s most relaxed and dresses casual he still has an essence of suave to him. 

After seeing Ladbrokes recent research on ‘What Women Look For’ when it comes to men. They found that 1 in 5 women like a groomed man, I agree and personally find nothing more attractive than a man who takes care of their appearance. They also found that 1 in 3 of women prefer a smart-dressed, dapper looking man and I would say I fall into that category. I wonder how long it takes these guys to get ready ha? I reckon you'd be fighting for the mirror! 

What do you look for in men? Do you love male style? 

Lots of Love 

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