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Taking Hair Care to New Levels | Sassoon


Since getting the chop a few weeks ago I've taken my hair care regime to new levels
I'm not going to lie, I'm usually lazy when it comes to hair and I don't get on too well with hair products. I mean it starts off good - I apply products and my hair initially looks amaze, this changes within minutes, most end up weighing down my hair leaving it looking lank and lifeless. When I got my haircut I was a little apprehensive about being able to care for it - I mean my hair is naturally wavy, there's a lot of it and a short style like this usually takes some work!

Once my stylist Gabin at Sassoon cut my hair he took me through the best ways to keep it looking tip top. Obviously I decided to stick with the Sassoon products he recommended - It's a simple 3 step care routine that's easy for me to follow at home. 

Halo Hydrate 
I've noticed such a difference since incorporating this leave in conditioner into my routine. My hair has the tendency to get quite dry so this ensures that it retains moisture. I brush through washed hair and spritz this in, it works well at detangling my hair and making it more manageable for styling. This is working particularly well here in Dubai what, with the heat - as a result my hair feels soft, healthy and well conditioned. 

Heat Shape
As my hair is quite coarse, I've often left out the heat protector step prior to styling - YES I know, naughty naughty! I'm one of these people who can't stay away from heat styling whether it be my GHD Air Dryer or my Cloud 9 Straighteners, I'm hooked on heat. Not applying a heat protector has probably been my biggest mistake when it comes to hair care as heat contributes massively to dryness. Since using Heat Shape my hair feels better, looks shinier and my styles hold for longer. I apply this to wet hair once I've spritzed in the Halo Hydrate it's the ultimate barrier for your hair against direct heat.

Diamond Polish
Now I go through phases with serums, again this is down to products often being too heavy on my hair. This one however is perfect, it's light and doesn't feel weighty in my hair -  I take two pumps (and only two pumps) massage it through my palms and run it through my hair while still wet (after the two steps above). This has helped tackle the frizz (and the humidity here in Dubai). Once I blowdry my hair it's sleek and glossy, so much so I don't need to apply any product to dry hair - Amazing!


Vess 9 Row Ceramic Brush
Now in terms of styling, I'm going to keep it real and tell you I suck at blowdrying my hair - honestly it fascinates me when hair stylists do it so effortlessly - I watch in awe. Gabin my stylist at Sasson taught me such a simple and easy method to achieve that bouncy blowdry, but without all that pulling and tugging. A lot of it comes down to this brush, it's a half rounded ceramic brush which is firm and is great for styling with heat. I simply brush the hair from underneath, in an upwards motion while applying heat from above. I then smooth out the hair by brushing down while again applying heat. It's so quick to do, especially with this shorter style. Not only does my hair look smooth it also has the volume I've always desired to create at home. 

I'm so happy with my current hair routine and I've had so many questions asking about how I'm managing this new shorter style - it's so simple and requires minimal time. I'm thankful to have picked up these tips and tricks, as well as learning about some of the products Sassoon has to offer. You can check them out HERE.

Again major love to my stylist Gabin at Sassoon on South Molton Street - I can't wait to come in for a trim, I know it will be sooner rather than later! I can't recommend him enough you can check out the salon HERE or call to book in on 020 7491 8848

I absolutely love my hair, I'm actually sad because it's already grown, I don't know how I ever had my hair any longer than this because to me, it's perfect right now!

How do you guys care for you hair? Have you tried any Sassoon products? If you struggle with finding products that work and last on the hair I can't recommend these enough! Best of all they work whatever your hair type. 

Lots of Love 


  1. Love your hair too Zara! It really suits you

  2. The diamond polish sounds wonderful! :)

  3. To be honest, I like your blog very much! I think that you do a great job! Everything is so beautiful!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet


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