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NEW HAIR | Sassoon Sassed Me Up!


Sassoon really did SASS me up! 

I can't believe the last had my haircut was in October - it's grown so quickly and since then time has just flown. My hair was at that blah stage where I find myself in the same predicament as always - Should I let it grow or cut it back? The latter continues to win as it has done the last year. 

I was invited down to the Sassoon Salon Mayfair  (London) for a haircut, a re-shape, call it a (late) New Year's Refresh and boy did I need it! My stylist Gabin was incredible - the kind of person that puts you at ease at soon as you sit in the seat. I told him what I wanted, which was essentially to have a little off the length and to add more layers to create texture/movement. I listened to what Gabin suggested and agreed, I tend to trust the opinion of hair stylists - At the end of the day it's hair, what's the worse that can happen? It WILL grow! At the time I was pretty lax and I don't think I realised how short it was actually going to be until I looked down and saw all the hair around me. 

Words can't express how much I adore the finished look, it's the shortest I've ever gone but I think it's fabulous. I'm always worried about my face looking fatter with shorter hair but I really love the way Gabin cut the hair to frame my face. It's essentially a graduated bob with layers at the back, that create the volume and texture I desired.  


Gabin was so helpful and thoroughly explained tips and tricks to caring for my hair and re-creating this Blowdry at home. He simplified the styling by splitting the hair into five sections - two at the front, two at that back and one on the top. He started by brushing the hair downwards while applying heat from above and then brushing the hair from the bottom, upwards while continuously blasting with heat. The advantage of drying your hair this way, ensures you get maximum volume from the root. Once he'd done this I was so surprised with how much lift my hair had and how smooth it looked. Gabin then went over with the straighteners focusing on the bottom for that ultra sleek and chic finish.

My hair feels so light and there's so much movement to it - God I love it! I feel like Gabin at the Mayfair Sassoon Salon has definitely sassed up my look!

You can check out the Sassoon Salon HERE or call them on 02074918848 

What do you guys think? Would you go this short? I tell you it's addictive, every time I get my haircut I'm more inclined to go shorter!

Thanks to Sassoon for having me and Gabin for working your magic!

Lots of love 


  1. This new hairstyle really suits you. You look absolutely fantastic.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, so healthy looking:)x

  3. Such a beautiful cut, love it x

  4. omg zara .. you look gorgeous.. shorter hair definately suits you. Ive cut my long hair by 8 inches.. even though Ive been obsessed with long hair.. now inclined to go shorrter seeing this xx Sami xx


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