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MouldyMoments | Dubai, Drake & The SURPRISE!


I've been a bad blogger/vlogger this week..

Then again sometimes I'm way too hard on myself! I'm on holiday enjoying time with friends and family yet I feel compelled to be uploading daily, I should take my own advice and just live in the moment. With that being said, it has been a wonderful but LONG week in Dubai. Honestly this time around it feels like I've been here FOREVER. I initially came to Dubai for the Drake concert which was fun, probably not as good as I'd hoped but nevertheless still good. My parents were also coming to Dubai on holiday so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to show them around, I decided to throw a surprise into the mix and flew my brother over from Berlin. Ahh it's been filled with laughs and memories that will be cherished forever. You can see the first part of my vlog here! I'm kind of ready to come home, which is so strange for me to say but I've got a little while left yet!

Hope you've had a great week/weekend!

Lots of Love

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  1. I absolutely love your Dubai vlogs every time you're there! They give me such wanderlust haha


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