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Loving/Wearing | Bargain Boots!


As much as I love talking about beauty, every now and then it’s nice to stray away and change the subject; Like what shoes I may be loving, what book I may be reading or even what’s cooking in the kitchen! 

I met up with Suzi a few weeks ago for a little bit of lunch and a spot of shopping at Westfield. We popped into New Look, which I must say has really impressed me with it's current season - I came across these boots, which are so typically me - The three B’s! 
1. Black 
2. Boyish 
3. Bulky 

But OH BOY are they comfortable, I can’t do heels for prolonged periods of time but when I say I could happily spend a day walking around in these boots, that’s a MAJOR breakthrough! Yes I'm small (not short) and I’m OK with being 5’2 (HAHA) but I do really love the added height these boots give me - #GAINSWITHOUTPAINS


OH WAIT there’s a fourth B to add to the list - BARGAIN, they were £27.99! Ok so they’re not leather or anything but they make a great pair to transition from Winter to Spring. 

These boots really were made for walking, check them out HERE. I have my eyes on them in cream now and just as I went to find the link I realised the cream pair have been reduced to £8 - SAY WHAT?! LINK 

What have you been Loiving/Wearing lately?

Lots of Love 


  1. These boots are gorgeous x

  2. Appreciate you sharing, great post.


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