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Let's Talk Liner! | The Low Down & The Video


I think liner is one of the products I’m most critical about. 

I think it’s due to my overly watery eyes - It’s so frustrating my eyes water from the inner corners so my liner has to stand the test of time - If it don’t last, it’s got to go! I also love my eyeliner to be BLACK, I’m talking uber intense. My daily preference for eye liner has been gel for quite some time now, at the moment it's all about Delilah’s Gel Liner. I love the fluidity of the product, it allows you to easily perfect your flick, it’s intense and YES it lasts. More recently I have been finishing my liner with a liquid, I love the flick you can get from a liquid - It has a sharp and clean edge. I love the Bourjois Liner Pinceau and the NYC Liquid Liner - They both have fine brushes which are ideal for creating both thin and thick lines. I used to hate pen liners, the colour was never intense enough and I’d hate how quickly they’d dry up. This all changed when I discovered two from L’Oreal Superliner range - Amazing I tell you! In the waterline it’s always tricky for me to keep my liner in place, I usually use a kohl pencil and set it with an eyeshadow - There’s a MAC one and an Urban Decay one which are currently my faves! 

I feature more products in the video so be sure to check that out and of course, my favourite liner brushes! 

Hope you are well 

Lots of Love 


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