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So I've kinda kept this quiet but by the time you're reading this I'm either on my way to the airport or sat on a plane to Dubai!

It's been such a hectic week trying to get everything done before my trip, I've tried to pre-film and schedule some posts for while I'm away. Obviously I'll be on my laptop daily but nevertheless I wanted to be organised this time around.

This was the week I chopped off the majority of my hair, it's the shortest it's ever been and to be honest I'm loving it - It's given me a new lease of life - HA! Anyways I won't bore you.. let's talk, make up! 


It's been another winning week for MAC's Studio Fix Fluid  my skin seems to be loving it and I'm loving it on my skin, so I've stuck with it! I hadn't used the Urban Decay NAKED Concealer in ages so I whipped that out, I currently prefer it to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - I just don't think it's working for me right now. I have to say that I've really enjoyed using the UD this week, the consistency, the finish and of course the coverage. I think I'm officially obsessed with the Delilah Sunset Matt Bronzer in Medium/Dark it just gives my skin so much life! I've also fallen in love with this NYX blusher in Terracotta, this has been sitting in my drawer since last year and it's taken me this long to discover how awesome it is. I highlighted with HD Brows Illuminator in Champagne - DAMN I need to wear this more often, it's STUNNING on the skin and works so well with the blusher. I decided to go for quite a neutral eye with warmer tones in the crease and achieved this by using my Tartellette Palette, what a beaut? I simply lined my eyes with Bourjois Liner Pinceau - Which I still love, love, LOVE! Right can we talk about this mascara? Smashbox Full Exposure, so here goes - I've been using it all week, maybe even two weeks now. Absolutely love it but the removal has been AWFUL, I even Tweeted about it. ONLY today as I was taking this picture did I really I was using the waterproof version!!!! AHHH.. So annoying but the mascara in general is #totesamaze. I hate my brows at the moment, you know when you're just not getting on with them? Yeh that's me - I filled them in with HD Browtec (Vamp) which is still a fab product, as for my brows..well that's another story! Lastly on my lips I applied MAC's Verve which I haven't worn in ages, TBH it's because it's broken so I'm trying to help it from breaking off but the colour is gorgeous!


I'm so excited to be back in Dubai and even more so because tomorrow night I'm going to the Drake concert! I hope you lot have an amazing weekend.

Lots of Love


  1. The Tarte palette is full of so many beautiful shades!

  2. That Tartellette palette looks gorgeous! Wish I was as good as applying my makeup as you, you always look flawless!! x

  3. Enjoy that concert, you look great!

  4. The Urban Decay concealer is next on my list to buy, it sounds amazing. Hope you have a lovely time! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  5. Have you tried some tricks to put your lipstick back together? i've heard if you place it back on the bullet and smooth over the cracks, you can place it in the fridge either with the cap on or off and it might help


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