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February Favourites | The Low Down & The Video


I feel like for as long as I continue to make Monthly Favourites Videos, the time will just fly by - The next month always seems to come around far too quick!

This month my skin really suffered -  I had to make some changes to my routine and the products I'm currently using have contributed to getting my skin back on track. I've been using a new cleanser by Michael Todd which is an organic skincare brand, it removes all my make up and leaves my skin feeling great. I was always wary when it came to cleansing brushes, as my skin is quite sensitive but recently I've been using the Soniclear also by Michael Todd which has been an effective way to cleanse my skin and remove dead skin. The Hyaluronic serum and cream by Institut Estherderm which literally transformed my skin within days, it really helped to restore the hydration - Just what I needed. My hair's outgrown and a little bit shapeless at the moment, I've been using the Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder and the Cityswept Finish spray to achieve a little bit of volume/texture. Onto make up now this month, I've been loving the Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette along with the Moving Sand Eyeshadow Duo from MAC's Julia Petit Collection. Bourjois Liner Pinceau has given me that purrrfect feline flick this month, I've also enjoyed using MAC's StudioSculpt Mascara - It's awesome for separating the lashes and creating volume! There are two limited edition MAC lipsticks that have rocked my world this month - Victoriana and Açai.

For more banter and more products, check out the video!

Lots of Love

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