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Spring Lip Picking | Delilah 'Honesty'


You know those lipsticks that just get you in the mood for Spring - Yeh, well this is definitely ONE of them!

'Honesty' by Delilah is such a gorgeous lipstick and the tone has me more than ready for Spring. I am continuously WOW'd by Delilah’s products, everything I try I end up loving and this lipstick is no exception. Now it probably comes as no surprise that of recent months I have leant towards mauvey/brown tones of lipsticks (YES, blame Kylie). So when I tried this lipstick it was a no brainer that it would be the ideal transition shade - It's a lot lighter than what I’ve recently been wearing but again it has an evident mauve tone to it. 

In my opinion it’s a little bit of a modern to twist to your average pinky nude lipstick. The consistency is beautiful, both hydrating and creamy. The finish is matte but in my opinion has a slight sheen, however I think it works particularly well with this tone. It’s the perfect lipstick to kick things of Spring Style and I adore it. 

Again I love the attention to detail with the embossed logo on the lipstick and I like the weighty feel of the packaging. I know that this lipstick is going to be my Spring pick when it comes to a lighter lip. 

Check out Delilah's Honesty HERE. If you haven’t tried anything from the brand I can’t recommend it enough, it's vastly becoming a favourite brand for me! 

What colours are you looking forward to this Spring!?

Lots of Love



  1. This is such a beautiful shade and a perfect 'everyday' colour!

  2. I have my eye on Delihla cosmetics. Really wanna try their products out just haven't mustered to depart with my money... One day :)

  3. it looks amazing on you !


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