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10 Under £10 | The Low Down & The Video


Today I wanted to share some love on those budget beauty products. 

I know I tend to focus on luxury beauty but let’s face it who doesn’t love a beauty bargain? If you’ve read THIS post where I talk about 5 products under £10 after writing it I decided it would be good to create a video on some those budget beauty bits. There’s too much to go into detail on, in this blog post but some of these products are great alternatives to high end equivalents. You may have seen me feature these in the past and as I recently mentioned, I love re-visiting products that I feature on MF - I think this way you can really tell how much I’m loving/using a product. Some of my favourites in this video are Cetaphil Cleanser, Seche Vite Top Coat, MUA Lip Velvet and Barry M’s Gelly Hi Shine Lips - Obviously there’s more but instead of going into too much detail you can see me talk through them! 

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Lots of Love 


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  1. Lovely picks, I still haven't tried the cetaphil cleanser:)


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