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Travel | Dream Destinations for 2015


Travelling is such a large part of my life - I love nothing more than exploring new cities and embracing different cultures. 


From the age of 16, I started travelling alone, I knew from that moment it would become an integral part of my life, little did I know how much it would contribute to who I am today. I’m lucky to have visited a lot of the places I've wanted to in the world but my wanderlust list doesn’t end there. Like every year I vow to travel as much as possible and 2015 is going to be no exception, with a bit of luck  I’ll make it to some of these amazing destinations.

Royal Caribbean got in touch after a recent survey to share the information, that people's dream holidays in 2015 were to destinations they'd never been before. To inspire fellow holidaymakers I wanted to share some of the countries that I've never been to and would love to visit in the near future. 



This magical Greek Island Is the most incredibly picturesque place I have ever seen and I’ve dreamed of visiting for years. I think about the white and turquoise coast and what it looks like in reality? I imagine how surreal it would be surrounded by the deep blue Aegean sea. Santorini seems so calm, so serene, a place to disconnect from our busy, fast paced lives and to truly treasure tranquility



Thailand is another destination I've been longing to visit - from the hustle and bustle of the floating markets to the serenity of the sea. I can imagine eating authentic Thai food, spending the afternoons visiting historic temples and taking a small boat to one of the beautiful nearby islands. With photo opportunities at the plenty, Thailand is definitely on the list!!



The allure of Brazil has always been there from it's rich history to the vibrancy of the country. My visit would have to coincide with the Rio Carnival, a collective and colourful celebration of music and costume. I love the strong sense of religion and a visit to the monumental 'Christ the Redeemer' statue would be an amazing experience. I think of afternoons that turn into evenings, on the Ipanema beach playing volleyball with a group of friends, laughing, smiling and watching the world go by. 



When I lived in Paris my best friend Jasmine was from Australia, I was gutted when she moved back and to this day, I still haven't made it to visit her, this may be the year to change that! From all her stories about life down under to the stunning sites I see all over the TV and Internet it's always been a country on my visit list. I imagine it being warm all year round, with it's habitants happy, the kind that love life. I'd want to give surfing a go, not that I have high hopes for success! and of course a visit to the Great Barrier Reef would be unquestionable as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Before embarking on multiple road trips I would make the most of the mornings on Bondi Beach and afternoons sipping coffee, sat, staring at the Sydney Opera House

I could go on and ON with my travel destination list but I had to stop somewhere. As part of Royal Caribbean’s #WhatsStoppingYou campaign YOU could be in with a chance of winning a cruise holiday to your dream desitnation. Check it out HERE, NO really ‘What’s stopping you?’.

What countries are on your wanderlust list? Do you have anywhere exciting booked for 2015?

Lots of Love 

This post was in collaboration with Royal Carribean, all images are from Pinterest (Until I can visit these places and take my own stunning snaps!) but collectively created by myself.


  1. I would love to visit Thailand, Brazil and Australia. This year I told myself that I have to travel more. I have never been brave enough to travel alone but would really love to, so this year year may be the year!! x

  2. Lovely post! I love seeing new places especially some as beautiful as the ones you've mentioned! Would love to do Thailand one day! x

  3. Santorini and Thailand are on my ToGo list.. I just need to drag somebody along with me.


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