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New Product Launches | The Low Down & The Video


New make up excites me and in today’s video - I’m sharing some forthcoming MAC collections and declaring my love for more Delilah products. 

In this video you’ll see me talk through and swatch various MAC collections launching this March in the UK. I cover Cinderella, Toledo Bao Bao Wan & Julie Petit - I know that sounds like I'm speaking another language so be sure to check out the video to see what I’m on about. I also share some new Delilah products that I have been loving lately. Delilah is definitely a brand to watch and I still stand by my word - From the quality of the products to the sleek packaging. 

Will you be checking out any of these new collections?

Lots of Love 


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  1. Hey girl, still looking amazing as ever. Great Vid!


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