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Loving/Wearing | Alex Monroe Bumblebee Necklace


It’s been a little minute since I’ve done a Loving/Wearing post so today I wanted to feature this gorgeous Alex Monore necklace. 

You may have noticed this little Bumblebee that has lived around my neck for the last few weeks. I first saw this necklace a few years ago but I didn’t know who the designer was. A couple of weeks back I came across it on Benna - a great site for jewellery lovers, like myself (definitely worth bookmarking). I decided it was the ideal to me, from me treat that conveniently coincided with Valentines Day - I mean if you can’t love yourself..?


I love what a Bee signifies -  such a small creature yet at the same time fierce - she’s definitely a Queen Bee! I adore all things gold and in recent years gold jewellery is all I seem to wear. I’ve also strayed away from big, statement necklaces and now I wear something small and subtle around my neck. I was actually so surprised with how weighty the bee pendant is, it sits in the perfect place and I love how it catches the eye. It’s definitely an intricate piece and the detail on this pendant is gorgeous, I especially love the back of it.  


I've rally enjoyed wearing this necklace it’s BEEautiful - HA! There’s so many pieces I keep dreaming about on the Benna website. I adore THIS gorgeous bracelet from Monica Vinader, Laura has this and it looks so lovely on. They also stock Astrid & Miyu another brand that I love for dainty jewellery.

Have you purchased anything for yourself lately? What kind of jewellery do you like wearing? What are you Loving/Wearing at the moment? 

Check out more from Alex Monroe HERE

Lots of Love 



  1. It looks so adorable! I need to find myself a dupe.

    Angi |

  2. That necklace is gorgeous, and I love that jumper too!

    Sophie x

  3. I love this necklace so, so much and it's definitely a piece I've been thinking of picking up for myself.

  4. That is so cute! x

  5. I love insect necklaces, I have a small collection of my own from when I was a teenager, I'd either get insect stuff or bird stuff, it was a really weird, but cute obsession. I love your blog! xx


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