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It's been a hectic week and it's gone so ridiculously fast. I'm so excited it's the weekend because my best friend Vidal is coming to London for the weekend, some of you may have seen him in my Dubai Vlogs.

I'm feeling pretty rough this week, so much so I didn't even want to upload a #FFO but hey ho, it's here. My skin is dry and dehydrated I'm talking flaking and peeling - gross! The bags, or should I say suitcases under my eyes have made me feel so self conscious, not quite sure why they're so bad. I had a breakfast meeting early this morning, I  came back and decided to completely clear out and reorganise my office/make up room. I really needed the New Year refresh (which I hadn't made time for!) -I threw out so much and also came across products I hadn't used in a while! 


For my base I used Illamasqua's Skin Base I decided on this because it's light in consistency and allows my skin to breathe. No concealer is hiding the situation currently occurring under my eyes, I decided to try Trish Mcevoys Instant Eye Lift, this usually works wonders and adds brightness underneath the eyes. I set my base with Ben Nye's Banana Powder which is not in this picture because I was annoyed as it spilt all over my table - Ha! The joy! On the cheeks I decided to pick a blusher from my MAC blush palette -  I sometimes forget about these, Dame is a pretty, soft pink that gives the cheeks a lovely flush of colour. I highlighted with Mary-Lou Manizer, even this didn't help give my skin the lift it usually does. On my eyes I picked two colours from my many MAC Pro Palettes - these are such old school Mouldy colours, Retrospeck a light, bright, shimmery gold which I applied all over the lid. In the crease I softly applied Cork another old favourite, this is perfect for softly defining the eyes. I've been loving the Bourjois Liner Pinceau this week it's bold, ultra black and easy to apply. I used a new mascara MAC Studio Sculpt Mascara the brush of this is really different to any mascara I've used before, it worked so well at separating my lashes for that ultra fluttery finish. On my lips I found a liquid lipstick by Revlon in the shade Brilliant Bordeaux, a deep burgundy red - I adore the colour but the texture not so much, it's a little too tacky for me - shame! 


I feel like my #FFO's will be more fun now that I've actually cleared out my make up collection and I've rediscovered so many amazing products! 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend 

Lots of love 


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  1. Retrospeck looks gorgeous! x



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