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Brush Talk | Zoeva Pink Elements Classic Brush Set


When I first tried Zoeva brushes I was instantly impressed!

I have quite an extensive collection of brushes and with many favourites I wanted to see how this collection compared. I have been using these brushes since before Christmas, so to say that they have been put to the test is an understatement. 

The thing I love most about Zoeva brushes is the quality, the bristles of the brushes are so soft and easily allow you to perfect your make up application. Another thing I love about Zoeva brushes is the price, this whole set is £57 - While that might sound steep, the reality is - if you only had this brush set you’d be more than good! I’m not going to lie I’ve spent the same amount on ONE, single brush before *hides in shame* BUT to me brushes are an investment and I’ve had some of mine for almost 10 years! (Now I’m really showing my age haha) 

This set has the ideal selection of brushes that take you through all the stages of your make up application. 

104 Buffer 
I love this brush for applying foundation - it gives you a smooth, buffed in finish. As far as brushes like this go I find this one is a lot softer and has an airbrushed finish on the skin.

127 Luxe Sheer Cheek
This angled brush is lovely for bronzer or blusher as it allows you to softly deposit the colour. 

109 Luxe Face Paint 
This squared off brush has become my bestie for contouring, it fits the hollows of my cheeks and allows me to apply the product in upward motions. It's great for sculpting as it gives you definition that’s well blended

227 Luxe Soft Definer 
I really like to use this brush just above my crease for my transition eyeshadow, it’s quite fluffy so the product is never too concentrated. 

230 Luxe Pencil 
This brush has become my go-to for my lower lash line, the size is small and the brush is tapered to a point which fits perfectly under the eye. 

231 Petit Crease  
I love to use this brush to apply colour in the outer corner of my crease it reminds me of a MAC 217 (a holy grail)

317 Wing Liner  
While I generally prefer to use a fine liner brush this angled liner brush is awesome for mastering that feline flick! 

322 Brow Line  
I love how short the bristles on this brush are, there’s little movement which allows you to precisely fill in your brows. 

If you’re in the market for new brushes I can’t recommend this set enough, even if you’re looking to add to your current collection I think this has a great selection of brushes at an even better price!

Also they’re PINK! Does it get much better?

Check out the Zoeva Pink Elements Classic Brush Set HERE

Lots of Love 



  1. Seriously they come out with the most beautiful and affordable brushes ever! x

  2. So cute, I want the wing liner one on its own but can't find it anywhere! x

  3. This set is gorgeous! I have some of the original black/silver ones and they are amazing brushes, really recommend the brand to anyone. Lovely post :).

    alice x | beautybyalicee | Bloglovin' | YouTube

  4. Can you do a makeup collection video


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