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A Blush For All | MAC New Romance


I’m not the biggest MAC Mineralize Blush fan and my latest discovery has me questioning why? 

I think I’ve always associated Mineralize blushers with being too sheer and for someone who’s not afraid from colour I always opt for MAC’s regular blushers. I came across ‘New Romance’ while pursuing my ‘to review’ basket, I was in search of a blush that would replace MAC X Marge Pink Sprinkles, a limited edition blusher which I’ve used daily for too long (It’s time to conserve that one!). 


To the eye ‘New Romance’ is pleasing - a pretty pink, with a marbleised, pearl effect. On the skin it’s just as gorgeous, dewy with a slight hint of peach to it - It's the kind of colour that gives your skin life. I adore this blusher it and have been reaching for this so often lately. I featured this product in my January Favourites and decided it was time to dedicate a post to this beautiful blusher. It adds a subtle sweep of colour to the skin and as I mentioned in that video I’m into less blush these days and pick colours that are softer against my complexion. 

I think 'New Romance’ would look incredible on such a wide variety of skin tones and I will definitely be checking out more of MAC’s Mineralize Blushers.

What are your thoughts on blusher? What are your current favourites?

Lots of Love



  1. I havent tried any of these blushers from mac as im the same iv always gone for their regular ones, it looks pretty x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Oooooo this looks so pretty!! I have not bought a MAC Blush before so this one looks like a winner, Thanks for sharing xx

    Anna-Maria |

  3. It looks so gorgeous on your skin tone! I may have to check it out now. <3

  4. love the new layout of your blog! xx


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