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The 3-In-1 Cleanse | Ole Henriksen


There's no better feeling than cleansing your face at the end of the day..

 I love a good balm based cleanser to really remove the day, I like an oil cleanser to effortlessly break down make up and there's nothing like a gel cleanser for really refreshing the skin. This one combines everything I love in a cleanser and whatever kind you prefer I have a feeling you'll like this one!

I have been using this cleanser by Ole Henriksen since December and I adore it. I love the jelly texture when you first apply it, as I massage this into the skin it becomes balm like and it gradually transforms into an oil. As soon as I add water to my face, it emulsifies into a milky consistency and it removes all traces of make up. I really like that this cleanser doesn't dry out my skin, instead it leaves me feeling hydrated. It's also got Vitamin C in which leaves my skin looking brighter - An essential for this time of the year.

Check out the 3-In-1 Pure Truth Melting Cleanser by Ole Henriksen HERE.

Lots of Love


  1. I think this has a funny after smell on me... But other than that i love this too!

  2. I loved the sample I got of this at Sephora! When I use the last of my REN hot cloth cleanser I'm going to get this - Ole Henriksen's products have made such a huge difference in my skin!!

  3. This is a great cleanser and it really leaves the skin feeling hydrated.


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