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First Thoughts | Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners


I'm one of those people who's forever loosing things, ESPECIALLY sharpeners for my lip and eye pencils - Who's with me? 

Now let me be straight, I don't like retractable lip pencils - I need the point to be as sharp and as precise as possible when it comes to lining my lips and I just don't get that with regular retractable lip pencils.

I was eager to try the Smashbox 'Always Sharp' lip liner to see how the product differs. Once the lid is on you twist the pencil and it sharpens to the perfect point - It has an in-built sharpening mechanism, genius I'd say and I love the concept. Now let's talk consistency, this is where I struggle a little - I didn't find the product to be as creamy or as easy to apply as I'd hoped. I will say that my lips are extremely dry at the moment and I don't think this helped the application. I found the lip pencil sat in the cracks of my lips and emphasised the dryness. I think this would be an ok product to outline your lips but not one to fill in your entire lips.

On a positive I adore the colours I tried, they come in an array of beautiful shades.

Nude Medium

Nude Dark 

I think the 'Always Sharp' lip pencils are a great idea but the product itself just wasn't right for me - I'm still going to try and make it work, possibly with a creamy/hydrating lipstick.

Have you checked these out? Have a swatch in your local Boots and tell me what you think, as I said it might just be my dry lips!

Lots of Love


  1. Gorgeous lip colours! In love with both!

  2. Love Nude Dark! It's gorgeous against your complexion

  3. These sounds amazing! I love the colour you picked up.

  4. I like the nude dark!



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