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Let's face it By Terry  is the epitome of luxury - the products are often pricey but there's something so satisfying with a By Terry purchase. Could it be the scent of roses that lures me in? I have no idea! So is the latest Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi Serum (long name alert!) worth the hefty price tag? 

Splurge Worthy? By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum

Let's face it By Terry   is the epitome of luxury - the products are  often pricey  but there's something so satisfying with a...


I recently had a chat with Birchbox UK for a feature on their blog discussing the products I use 'Morning, Noon & Night' I thought it was fun and I loved breaking down the products I used throughout my day. I thought some of you might like this so I decided to share it here with you all. 

Morning, Noon & Night



A drugstore dupe? I don't often do these but when I tried out Barry M's Rose Hip I knew I had to! I was in Superdrug last Friday with my beloved Laura and while she was getting a little carried away in the isles of make up I convinced myself I didn't need anything. When I spot this nail polish I fell in love, I decided not to buy it because let's face it my nail polish collection is already out of control but Laura ended up getting for me and BOY am I glad she did. 

A Drugstore Dupe? Ft. Barry M - Rose Hip



When I'm sick of being sick I end up frantically organising my make up collection - AND that is exactly what I did last week. More so, I ended up labelling all my MAC lipsticks. This made me realise a few things. 

1. I have a lot of MAC lipsticks 
2. I love them ALL 
3. It was time I updated you on my favourites!

My Top 5 Matte MAC Lipsticks - The Low Down & The Video


Over the years I've accumulated quite a few MAC base/priming products and I've got to know them quite well. I thought I would shed some light on some of my favourites and when I decide to use them.  

A Guide to MAC Primers



It's going to be a Love Affair this Summer with The Body Shop Sorbets.. 

Step into Summer with Sorbets


Flowers in my hair and wearing white? Yep that's right! How are you lot today? I had a great day with LAURA who's over from Dubai, we spent hours catching up and it was lovely. 

#FridayFaceOff 13

I think of you lot as my friends so sharing things I'm loving/buying is always so natural. 

I always love to seek my friends approval or simply express my excitement over new purchases. I've been buying things over the last few weeks and I decided to film a haul video. This is something I rarely do but I picked up some nice bits which I couldn't resist sharing with you. I LOVE to watch hauls, it always gets me in the mood to shop (not that I need to be in the mood!) BUT I love seeing other people buy! If you want to see me chit chat through my recent purchases then be sure to check out the video, it's mainly fashion and of course you know I had to throw in a few make up purchases in there! (Hint, Hint Duty Free and Sephora!)

Be sure to open in YouTube to see where everythings from! 

Lots of Love

Some Hauling!


Everyday Essentials! Ahh I missed it last week I was just too unwell and lacking in energy - this week I'm slowly getting better and wanted to share my appreciation for a fab product, which I pretty much use on a daily basis. 

Everyday Essentials #12 - My Go-To Eye Make Up Remover



It's been a little failure on the posts front this weekend -  I've had problems with my internet and I smashed my iPhone so it was RIP to my beloved!  I'd usually be stressing and pulling my hair out at not being able to post - I decided to take a deep breathe and enjoy the long weekend - I went to yoga, I met cousins I hand't seen in years and I ate too much chocolate! I took the pics for #FridayFaceOff  on FRIDAY so I'm just going to pretend the time is now! 

#FridayFaceOff 12



Let's face it I'm no stranger to a bit of a glow and where I usually opt for Kevyn Aucoin's Cellestial Powder I've been switching things up a little. Today's post of appreciation is for Topshop's Glow in Gleam.

Let's Get Glowing!



I'm sure you lot know by now how much of an avid traveller I am, I'm always on the go and I love nothing more than exploring new countries and cultures. Despite travelling so frequently, I am the World's worst packer (Is that even a word?!) I don't know what it is about it but I always find myself packing in a state of anxiety? Why? I will never know! 

In Transit with This Works



It's certainly smelling like Summer with Sisley's latest 'Eau Tropicale' fragrance.

Smelling like Summer with Sisley


Let me just say NARS is always a Necessity!

It's funny how I can always justify make up as a necessity and this is exactly what I did with this lot - Did I need it? NO, I mean YES, I mean NO - But did I want it!? Well that's a different question.. 

NARS is ALWAYS a Necessity!


I'm not going to front - I rarely incorporate a serum in to my routine. WHY? Because in all honesty it feels like an extra step, one where I have to wait that little bit longer for everything to sink in to my skin before I can actually GET ready. A few weeks ago I headed to the Caudalie boutique for the launch of their new Polyphenol [C15] range - Let me just say this serum may be the GAME CHANGER

Caudalie Polyphenol [C15] Serum - A Game Changer


As I've been bed bound pretty much all of the last week the most excitement I had was painting my nails! I know how tragic? BUT what better way to lift your spirits than with a Spring ready, pretty pink! I used to only wear pink on my nails, then I went off it with the exception of OPI's Mod About You - recently I've rediscovered my love for pink nails!

Rosy Nude Nails



Hello honeys! Remember me!? it's been a minute - I'm back with you this week and although I'm still sniffling away I have so much to share - I've missed you!  I feel like I haven't spoken to you lot in ages and Barcelona seems like it was forever ago. If you follow me on Twitter you may have whitnessed my excitement when I was in Sephora, Barcelona and they had a sale on lipsticks - UH OH!  

I went HAM! 

Sephora Sale?! SAY WHAT..


I'm not going to lie, it's a bit of #FridayFaceOff FAIL - Well it has been all week and I feel terrible because I'd got in to such a great daily blogging routine but this week I've been so unwell - It started off with me feeling a little run down (Physically/Emotionally) then turned into a full blown cold/tonsilitis flex - UGH! I will forever hate my immune system.. so apologies for the lack posts this week I'll do it double next week, as I have SO much to share and I've missed you all! For this Friday's post, it's all about the products that have been my saviour in this week of sickness! 

#FridayFaceOff 11 - (Fail!)



This week I thought I'd do an Everyday Essentials 'Travel Edition'  - I wanted to include some of my must have miniatures and a few full sized favourites that made it in to one of my many travel cosmetics bags on my recent trip. 

Everyday Essentials #10 - The Travel Edition



Don't you just love the smell of new leather? the smooth, buttery feel - Ahh! I'm such a sucker for jacket and leather is no exception. I've bought so many leather jackets over the years, different colours, different styles, real leather, faux leather - the lot! I obviously at one point liked each of them but never thought I'd found the ONE until.. 

Loving/Wearing - Leather

favesm copy

March well and truly welcomed Spring! I found love for a lot of new products and I also decided to throw in a few non beauty favourites this month - I think I might make this a frequent thing, as there is more to Me than make up haha!

March Favourites - The Low Down & The Video


It's Friday and I'm back in London, Barcelona was fun but I'm happy to be home! I intend on having a major moulding weekend catching up on some serious sleep and watching trashy TV - I'm exhausted and I'm sure you can see it in this weeks #FridayFaceOff ..Oh wells! I was determined not to break my FaceOff posts this is the 10th one WOO! Who knew I'd be able to stick with it.. Anyways on to my MouldyMug!

#FridayFaceOff 10


As I walked through LHR T5 as I left for Barcelona I was more than aware that I needed NOTHING, especially in the fragrance/cosmetics department.. BUT you know that never works out right? 

The Duty Free Lipstick



Since the Tarte UK event a few weeks back I have been using the Pure Maracuja Oil - Now I know I'm a sucker for a good oil, but boy this one doesn't disappoint!

Oil Obsessed - Tarte Pure Maracuja


Apologies for the lack of post over the last few days my wifi here in Barcelona has been limited and for some reason my laptop will not cooperate! You can expect double posts over the next few days. This evening I bring you another selection of rather colourful nail polishes from Topshop.

A Rainbow of Topshop Nails



I suffer from quite large pores and despite what you may see on camera I have quite an even skin tone. Lately I have been playing with pore refining primers and today I thought I would give you my opinions on a High End Vs. High Street comparison of Benefit's POREfessional and Maybelline's Baby Skin

High End VS. High Street - Pore Perfecting Primers

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