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Treat those Feet!



When it gets to Winter we often forget about feet, I do try to look after them all year long but around this time of the year it's always harder!

Simply Feet sent me over a hamper of pampering products and it got me thinking about how little I care for my feet in the colder months. Recently I've been trying to change that and over the last month, I've got myself into a good routine which consists of a few steps that help to keep my feet smooth, soft and looking good. Skin is often drier in the Winter and my feet are always affected by this so I decided it was time to do something about it! 

I first use the Heavy Duty Foot File, it's fantastic at remove any dry skin on the feet and the foot file has a different strength of abrasive grit on each side. I like to use the rougher side and although it does tickle a little it really smooths out the skin on the surface of my feet. I then follow with the Mother-of-Pearl Scrub the texture is lightly grainy and not too harsh -  I take a small amount and massage it onto dry feet then wash away in my foot spa. This just ensures that all the dead skin is removed, it keeps my feet feeling softer and smoother. Finding a good foot cream is something I've talked about for ages on MouldyFruit, the consistency has to be super hydrating especially at this time of year. I like the consistency of the Dermatonics Foot Cream, it's rich in papaya a natural exfoliant and olive oil which nourishes the skin. I also like the fact it's not too heavily scented most foot creams smell so strongly of peppermint which really puts me off. Once I've done these 3 steps I pop on the gel lined socks, I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with these - They really help to lock in the moisture and I notice such a difference when I remove them BUT they are so COLD and cooling on the feet, I'm definitely one of those people whose not a happy bunny when my feet are cold. I can't keep these on for too long which is a shame because they work wonders, although I am getting better at using these the more often I treat my feet! 

I will admit my feet are often rough, dry and the easiest option in Winter is to put on a pair of wooly socks on and forget about them BUT feet are too important to be forgotten about. Think about it they're probably our most used body part and probably an area a lot of us don't pay enough attention to, especially in the colder months. This pamper gift set is available at SimplyFeet and at £25 is pretty good value. It makes a great last minute Christmas gift for all those friends who care about feet, or even as a treat for yourself to pamper those feet this party season. 

Do you guys care for your feet in the Winter? or do you wait till your feet NEED to look good!

Lots of Love 

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  1. I usually need to care for mine more in the summer as they only get dry when I'm walking around barefoot on pavements and at the beach! These are all amazing products though and I definitely need to add some of them to my regime.


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