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The Weekend Pamper with Masque BAR


I know I'm not the only one who gets lost in the skin care and beauty aisles of Boots. December is one of my favourite months of the year, I put it down to all the festivities - However all the late nights of the party season definitely take their toll on my skin. 

I came across these masks or should I say Masques in the 'Latest Finds' section Boots and was instantly intrigued. Masque BAR is a Korean brand and with Asia being miles ahead with their skincare I was eager to give them a go. For £9.99 you get three masks in individual sachets. There are four different types which are specific to your skin requirements. Two of the masks in the line are sheet masks and the others are mud/crème based. I opted for the anti-blemish mud mask and the brightening sheet mask. Last night I decided to disconnect myself from the world and gave myself a two step treatment using the anti-blemish mud mask, followed by the brightening sheet mask and I was blown away by the results. 

Anti blemish 
This mud based mask really helps at targeting any skin irritations, breakouts or bumps. One of the main ingredients is Tea Tree something I'm a huge fan of, it works wonders on spots so I was already sold! I applied the mask on wet, clean, cleansed skin as recommended and left it on for about 20 minutes (Maybe more, but whose counting, certainly not me). I then rinsed my face with water and my skin instantly felt rejuvenated  it was smoother, softer and the areas of redness/irritation had lessened. Tell me I'm not the only one who loves applying a mud mask, waiting till it's semi dry then smiling to feel it cracking on the skin - Haha! #TheSimpleThings

I decided to follow this mask with the brightening sheet mask. I particularly like the idea of their sheet masks because you have no choice but to lie down and relax. With most other masks I use, I'll apply it and then carry on doing a million and one other things - This really takes away the element of pampering. With this mask I was able to sit still and fully enjoy the experience. Sheet masks are usually made from thin cotton or a fibre sheets and infused with ingredients. My skin is constantly dehydrated, so whatever my final step in my skin care routine I always ensure it somehow targets hydration. This one felt cooling once applied to my face, I lay the sheet down and left this on for approximately 30 minutes. This mask is wonderful for evening out skin tone, increasing radiance and minimising the appearance of pigmentation. It's rich in Vitamin C and Liquorice Root which naturally brighten the skin. Once I peeled off this mask I tissued off the excess product and immediately noticed how radiant my skin looked it really brightened up my whole complexion and would be perfect prep before a night out. 

I really enjoyed the products I tried from Masque BAR and I will definitely pop back to Boots and try some of the others. I think they are so affordable and give you an at home, salon experience. You can check these out in the Boots Latest Finds section, I think this will be a brand to watch in 2015! 

I also think these make a perfect stocking filler for all you last minute Christmas Shoppers! I really hope none of my friends are reading this.. *oops* 

Check out Masque BAR HERE 

I'm making time this weekend to pamper myself, it's been one of those weeks! Hope you all get some 'ME' time too!

Lots of Love

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