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The Palette of DREAMS - Smashbox Double Exposure



When I look back on my 2014 beauty favourites the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette is WAY up there - it was definitely one of my most used products of the year. I love the neutral and warm tones with the mix of shimmer and matte shadows. When the second instalment from Smashbox landed on my desk, excitement was definitely an understatement  -  I present to you Double Exposure.


Double Exposure is an absolutely beautiful palette with a wider variety of shades than the original Full Exposure. Again Smashbox have got it spot on with a great balance of neutral tones and warmer, deeper shades. Once again shades that are ideal for creating a defined day look or a sultry evening eye. For someone who loves a smokey eye, the bottom row was literally love at first site, these shadows allow me to achieve a deep, dark eye with dimension. The looks you can create with this palette is limitless and I love having plenty of choices with eyeshadow palettes. Best of all, I love working with the Smashbox shadows they are easy to apply and blend so beautifully. I can't wait to use this palette in future make up tutorials and there is no doubt you will see it in many forthcoming #FridayFaceOff's in 2015. 


Double Exposure vs. Full Exposure 

This gorgeous palette from Smashbox launches on the 7th JanuaryJanuary is always such an odd month and what better pick me up than this dreamy eyeshadow palette. 


I already can't put this down! Will you lot be checking this out? 

Lots of love


  1. The double exposure palette strikes me as a better fit for olive/tan skintones. Do you agree? Cant wait to try it!


  2. What lipstick are you wearing here? I love it!


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