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Greetings from Dubai! (You knew I had to make a trip back to see the new year in the right way!) As it’s New Year’s Eve Eve, I thought I would fill you in on some of the products that will making it onto the New Years Make Up Menu.  

I’m skipping the glitter this year, actually I don’t think I’ve ever chose to rock glitter on New Years -instead I am opting for my signature smokey teamed with a Kylie Jenner-Esque lip. I mean what better way to celebrate the end of the yea with a look that has pretty much dominated my make up choices in 2014

I will be opting MAC’s Studio Sculpt which has been my go-to foundation lately. No stranger to my blog (or my face) the coverage is beautiful, it lasts all night and it doesn’t feel to heavy on the skin. In order to perfect that flawless finish I will be using my trustee Beautyblender, I didn’t realise how much I loved this little pink pear shaped sponge until I lost it.  I had to get another one to fill the void and oh boy I’m so glad I did. Dampen the sponge and proceed to lightly bounce, yes bounce your foundation on to your face. I can’t express how seamlessly this blends products into the skin, it gives you a beautiful, buffed in finish. No evening (or day) is complete without a little bit of MAC’s Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, where would I be without this baby. It’s one of those products that I use so often but fail to mention on the blog, it’s simply a pressed powder that no woman should be without. It's great for popping into your bag and using on the go! It's ALL about Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter at the moment, it’s seriously the part of my make up routine I enjoy the most - Getting my J-LO glow on! It’s honestly such an amazing highlight that gives the skin such gorgeous radiance. You know I have to whip out the Smashbox Double Exposure for a little New Year loving, I mean how could I not? I haven’t expressed my love for the gel liner I’ve been using for the last 2 months, oops sorry It’s from Delilah an up and coming British cosmetics line (definitely one to watch in 2015!). The consistency is great, it’s much more fluid than any gel liner I’ve used before so it really allows you to take your time to perfect that flick. I love how intense and black this is, best of all it lasts on the lids for ages. I’m all about smokey eyes and a new discovery from HD Brows has been living on my lower lash line, it’s their Intense Black Kajal. It’s so soft and ideal for smudging in to the lash line. My current lip colour of choice is one I’ve featured before - Chanel Ce Soir, it’s such a pretty, plum pout - Totally Kylie! 

I just wanted to share a few favourites that will be making it on to the make up menu tomorrow night! 

Hope you all have a fabulous New Years, thank you for supporting MouldyFruit in 2014 so much love for you all. 

Stay safe! 

Lots of Love 



  1. All of this makeup sounds gorgeous! I really need to try the Balm's Mary Luminizer, so many people rave about it. Happy New Year when it comes :)

    Gillian from Glam Up Everyday x

  2. The Chanel lipstick is such a lovely choice - it's such a beautiful shade. Have an amazing New Year! x

  3. Mary-Lou has been my go to highlight during December it is so beautiful and so crazy pigmented.

    Becoming Becca

  4. I really need to try out some The Balm products. That Chanel lipstick is such a gorgeous shade x


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