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November feels like it was a whirlwind month that may be because I was hardly here for it but it still it came and went so quickly - Now how scary is it that we are currently in the LAST month of 2014? Sorry that this favourites is a little late, you know I've been all over the place - ha! 

Two new fragrances made it into my monthly favourites, one of which I've already shared my love on HERE (D&G The One) and the other is YSL Black Opium - Both of these are absolutely gorgeous scents, they are rich, sweet yet so perfect for the colder months. I have been rotating these two and even layering them because they smell divine together. Let's not go there with skin care, just as my skin had sorted itself out last month this months change of climate and extreme changes in temperatures has well and truly made my skin slightly awol. I have been loving a new lip balm which is the Caudalie Lip Conditioner, it's super hydrating, smells amazing and keeps my lips soft for hours. This has been particularly great to travel with as it's retractable so no need to dip those fingers into a pot - perfect! I chopped a lot of my hair of this month, there's something quite liberating about letting it all go haha, as a result I've opted for a quick and easy method of styling my hair which gives me the texture and movement I like with this shorter style. I have loving using the Boots Volumising Mousse in my hair when wet and then I tip my hair upside down and blast it with heat. For finishing touches I have been all about the Bumble & Bumble Pret-A-Powder, it's such a fab product (Read more about hair HERE)   I also rediscovered my love for MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation, I picked this up in DutyFree en route to Dubai, the coverage is awesome and the finish is beautiful. The Balm cosmetics have dominated my make up choices this month particularly the meet matt(E) nude. palette and the Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter which are both such amazing products, I'm so impressed by the brand and I can't wait to try out more from them. There have been quite a few non beauty favourites this month two of which are sunglasses - the Ray-Ban Blue Mirrored Aviators and the Celine Baby Audrey's - These are two pairs which are completely different but both gorgeous in their own way. I wore both of these so much in Dubai and even if there's no sun I think these are both sunglasses which you could get away with in the winter. I mean how could I talk about favourites without addressing Beyonce's 7/11 video and THAT Kale jumper - I was in Dubai when the video dropped, it was only a day till myself and Laura were utterly obsessed, so after an unsuccessful evening at the mall we head home and hunted it down on eBay - Ok the quality isn't great but who cares! Also since coming back to the cold I am totally in love with my new Dr.Marten boots, yes I am a DM girl -  I love them, these are actually my 3rd pair but possibly my favourite for winter they are shearling lined so the keep my feet nice and cosy! Also a few techy items made it in to November favourites, first up my Sony a5000 we've captured some great moments this month, the perfect vlogging camera for sure! OH and how could I forget my iPhone 6, there's not many changes to the 5s but the camera is impressive and I love my tacky, mirrored gold glass screen protector that I picked up in Mall of the Emirates in Dubai! 

WOAH That was a lot of favourites! I hope you all had an amazing November.. Christmas is so close! 

Lots of Love 


  1. Hi Zara, lovely blog post and video.
    I wanted to know which color did you get for the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation?

  2. Gah! I could listen to you talk all day! Now I'm curious about that luminzer!


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