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NEW IN - Celine Baby Audrey Sunglasses


My obsession with sunglasses only becomes more apparent when I am packing to go somewhere sunny - I always try restrict myself to one or two pairs but the reality is, that never happens! 


I simply love sunglasses, they are the ideal accessory especially for someone like me who lives in bog standard, basic clothing - Accessories are my go-to for dressing myself up! I have so many shapes, styles and colours of sunglasses and my choice is dependent on how I feel on that day. For ages I'd wanted a pair of Celine sunglasses but was hesitant as there are so many styles I like FUNFACT I'm so indecisive. I was contacted by SmartBuyGlasses whilst in Dubai and sent this pair of Celine Baby Audrey's. They arrived so promptly whilst I was out there, so I was able to get plenty of wear out of them. The size of the frames are perfect for me, they remind me of a slightly rounded Ray-Ban wayfarer - But they aren't fully round nor overly square, there's even a slightcat eye going on  - They pretty much combine everything I love in a pair of sunglasses and are uber chic. Comfort is key when it comes to sunglasses for me, believe it or not there have been so many pairs I love but not been able to buy because they are too tight around my nose which gives me the worst headache. These sit well on my face and best of all my eyelashes don't hit the inside of the lenses (Yes that happens, so annoying!) 

I can see myself wearing these sunglasses whatever the weather, Even on those cold, sunny Winter mornings in London - with a beenie hat, chunky black scarf and a leather jacket. 

Check out the Celine Baby Audrey HERE. SmartBuyGlasses have such a great selection of designer sunglasses at amazing prices, if you are thinking of investing you should check them out. 

Lots of Love 


  1. A pair of Celine sunglasses are on my christmas list! The Baby Audrey style really suits you, so glamorous :)

    X Emma |

  2. Omg I adore these sunglasses x


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