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MouldyMoments | Feeling festive in Berlin!


Last week I head to Berlin to catch up with my kid bro. To say it was cold is a slight understatement - Nevertheless it was definitely festive and lots of fun!

It was my first time visiting Berlin and for someone who doesn't deal well with the cold - I probably didn't pick the best time to go! Although for that festive factor, the Germans definitely know how to celebrate Christmas. It was -3 most days and as I'd just come back from Dubai (which was in the 30's) was a slight shock to the system! The highlight had to be the Kinder Crepe which was so yummy, I can't even put into words!

Hope you enjoy this one, slightly different from the sunshine of Dubai! Let me know if you like the vlogs and want me to carry on with them? maybe a weekly thing?

Lots of Love


  1. Yes! I love the vlogs and living vicariously through you! Keep it up and you look gorgeous as always in this vlog :)

  2. I love your vlogs Zara. Keep vlogging!


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