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Loving/Wearing - Shearling Lined Dr. Martens



I'm a Dr.Marten girl, I have been since I was a kid and for the last three years I've added a new pair to my collection each A/W. These are by far the warmest pair! 


I was sent this pair by Shoetique and they couldn't have come at a better time. I am someone, that doesn't deal well with cold, I genuinely believe I just wasn't made to be in cold climates and this was more apparent last week in Berlin. My feet are always the coldest part of me and If my feet are cold, then I am not a happy bunny! Usually with Dr.Martens I have to wear thick socks because despite them being solid/sturdy boots they aren't particularly warm. BUT OH Boy this pair are different, they are a complete GODSEND. These Dr. Martens are shearling lined, they kept my feet nice and toasty in the bitter cold of Berlin and now in the low's of London! 

I noticed the fit of these boots differs from my other pairs, they are slightly narrower so they don't look as bulky on (Not that, that bothers me). The leather is also so much softer  and best of all they didn't require any breaking in (which my others have require) -  It's as if they instantly moulded to the shape of my feet yay! As a result of the leather being so soft and smooth, they do scuff easily - BUT I always think Dr. Martens look better slightly worn and I mean it when I say these boots were made for walking! 

They are currently reduced on the Shoetique website, check them out HERE. If you are looking for a trendy, warm and comfortable pair of boots for the colder months these would definitely be my pick! I think my other two pairs will take a bit of a back seat this Winter because over everything, I choose warmth haha! 

Do you lot like Dr.Martens? When I bought my first pair I thought I looked ridiculous but they have somewhat become my signature boot! 

Lots of Love


  1. They really sound like the perfect winter boot! x

  2. I've never been the biggest fan of Dr.Martens but over the past few months I'm really starting to like them. I haven't got as far as purchasing a pair just yet but I'm sure I'll eventually cave in. These pair are probably something that I will go for as you can never beat a black pair of boots :) X


  3. These are such a cool piece and I love that you can see the fluff poking out!


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