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Loving/Wearing - KALE Sweatshirt


I have no shame in saying this was completely a Beyoncé inspired purchase. 

As soon a Queen B dropped THAT 7/11 video me and my friends were hooked - It was on repeat in the house to the car in Dubai. One night over a dinner that consisted of Nutella Crepes me and Laura decided we needed to hunt down a 'Kale' sweatshirt (That Beyonce rocks in the video!) and that's exactly what I did. It's an inexpensive eBay purchase, so the quality isn't great but it's one of those novelty items I will probably wear a few time before it's exhausted. I featured it on my Instagram as I wore it a few days ago in Berlin. 

Here's the LINK! It comes in lots of  colours - obviously I opted for black! 


I thought taking these pictures in the hotel corridor was quite appropriate haha, now to practice my dance moves!.. 

Lots of Love


  1. I currently have 7/11 on and was looking for that exact same sweatshirt! Looks great on you Zara

    Miss Stylicious

  2. i lovvvvve thisss! hearts all over xxx

  3. Smack it smack it in the air!! ahhh i love this!!!!


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