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Life Lately - ChitChat/Photo Diary



I wanted to do one of those chit chatty posts and catch up with you all! Firstly I hope you guys are all well, I know I kind of fell off the blogwagon in November but I hope you kept up with the videos! I had initially planned and prepared all my posts for the month and wanted to keep things really consistent - but I don't like feeling that everything needs to be so regimented, at the end of the day this blog is still my baby and I like to keep things relevant and (hopefully still) enjoyable for you all - I'm strongly against blogging just for the sake of it! I hate not being able to give my honest opinion on things and especially with beauty trialling products and forming opinions on them takes time - Hence I slowed down! 

The last month I decided not to take things too seriously, it was important for me to let loose and enjoy my time in Dubai and I really did. I tend not to go in to too much detail on here about myself  and what I may be going through - I mean at the end of the day I write a blog about beauty and it doesn't really need to get any deeper than that. BUT the reality is behind the scenes, I've had one of the toughest years of my life (in all aspects) it's been challenging and very hard for me, that at times I've wanted to stop writing this blog or doing the videos because it's all been too much. However I'm still here and that's because of you guys and all your amazing support. It's strange to think that you have kept me going without any of you even realising it. That being said I want to thank you all - all of you that leave a comment on here or like a picture on Instagram or follow my YouTube channel - I read everything and while I may not always have the time to reply I appreciate you taking the time out to do so. Even for those of you who may read and never comment, I still am so thankful to you being part of MouldyFruit, because you all mean so very much to me. Without me getting too much deeper, I just want those of you who may also be going through something (no matter how big or small) to know that even those who you think live an 'ideal' life may be dealing with their own difficulties. It's a hard negative world to be positive in and I've found that has been my biggest struggle this past year - but I'm trying to remember things will get better. It's just about accepting the current and trying to move forward and that is exactly what I am doing. 

So now that the heaviness of this post is out the way (I never intended for that by the way! HA) It's funny what happens when you let your hands freely do the typing! I want to be real and keep it real. That's why I'm leaving this post as it is!  It's now time to move on to some pretty photos I took in Dubai! This was the first trip I left my bulky Canon at home and took out my Sony a5000 for a test drive. I've used this camera for both photography and vlogging - I must say it's really impressed me, I have enjoyed carrying it around and capturing the moments. 












I just want to thank you again for all the birthday wishes, the nice comments and the constant support

Much love guys! 


  1. I hear about the whole"ideal life" thing. As a blog reader and YouTube viewer who doesn't produce or write content, it can sometimes come across that people have perfect lives because they typically post the best things going on in their lives at that moment. Thanks for keeping it real while still maintaining your own privacy. Hope things get better.

  2. Zara, ive been a reader of yours as well as a youtube viewer since youve started. Life is tough darling.. but its less hard when you have people who love you.. who love the whole physical you as well as the thought of you. My mom used to say that to me growing up. Youre an amazingly beautiful and talented person. We wouldnt all be here reading and watching you if we didnt think so..We are all here to support you! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous photos, Zara! I'd rather be there than here, not cut out for this cold wintry weather at all.

    I've had a pretty tough year too but I find blogging can sometimes be quite therapeutic - it takes your mind off of the negativity around you and focuses it on the things people will appreciate you for what you say and do. Keep the blog going, it'll do you good!



  4. Zara, I follow you IG, UTube, & this blog. Despite you having such a difficult year, you have been able to produce content that I look forward to and genuinely makes me happy. The "heavy stuff" is necessary to discuss, you are human afterall. Thank you for all of what you share and do for us. :)


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