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ghd Rose Gold Air


I never realised the impact a good hair dryer can have on the way you style your hair. For as long as I can remember I've used a cheap, unbranded hairdryer and I've always thought as long as it dried my hair, it was all good - Wrong! 


Everyone knows ghd for their straighteners (of course)  and when the first came on to the hair scene they were revolutionary. I was recently sent the Limited Edition Rose Gold ghd Air Hairdryer to try and so I did, all I expected was that it would dry my hair. However, from the first time using the Air I knew there was more to this machine then just the ability to do that. 

The hairdryer itself is light and easy hold, this is an important factor for me, when it comes to any hair appliances because of my weak wrists. When I initially powered the Air I was so surprised as to how quiet the hairdryer was, it definitely beats the noise from the beast of a machine I was using before. 

Another thing I noticed was that even on the highest temperature the Air appeared to be a lot cooler than hairdryers I've used before. That being said, it's a powerful machine at 2100w and cuts the time it usually takes to do my hair in half. My hair is naturally curly so when I tend to blast it with the hairdryer it usually frizzes but I've noticed this leaves my hair looking and feeling smoother

I'm so impressed with the ghd Air, it's evident why so many hairdressers & hair stylists choose to use it. Since my hair has been shorter I've become quite accustomed to using a hairdryer to style my hair - I prefer a fuller, textured finish and using a hairdryer is the best for achieving this. The Air comes with two nozzles and I generally use the wider one. I didn't think I'd be getting excited over a hairdryer, but I am - I'm terrible when it comes to washing/drying my hair it always feels like a chore but I must say the Air has made such a difference to my hair routine! 

The Rose Gold ghd Air Hairdryer is limited edition and available HERE. How pretty is the rose gold? 

Will this be making it on your Christmas list! 

Lots of Love 


  1. I agree a good hair dryer does change the way your hair styles! x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. This has definitely made it onto my Christmas list. I've been using a mini hairdryer for a lifetime. So long in fact the buttons no longer work and you can only switch it on by plugging it in. So I think it's safe to say I should finally get a new one...if noone else does i might even treat myself :o) x

  3. Wow Zara! Your hair grows insanely fast. Lucky! <3

  4. This is so beautiful and GHDs are unbeatable!


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