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Final Thoughts - Philips Lumea Precision Plus



For the last two months I have been trialling the Philips Lumea Precision Plus, you can read all about my experience so far HERE and HERE. Today I wanted to share my final thoughts with you! 

When I first started using the Philips Lumea in October, I had quite a few reservations - I was mainly unsure whether the at home device would be effective for me. I previously discussed my issues with hair growth and the tedious methods I had used to try and reduce my hairiness (You can read all about that HERE). I set out using the machine on my legs and my arms and in all honesty I didn't expect to see long lasting results. Having stuck to it for the last two months I must say I am very impressed with the results I have seen so far. I am not completely hair free but there are large patches where no hair has grown back. As for the areas where there is still hair, I have found the regrowth much slower. 

I was also initially concerned with the potential pain, I mean who wouldn't be! This was another factor that I easily overcome, pain is the wrong word to describe using the Philips Lumea. Instead it feels like the flick of an elastic band and occasionally I notice the heat but I must assure you it is not painful. There are certain areas I find to be more sensitive such as my ankles and knees but the sensation is definitely bearable. 

I find mapping out the areas (i.e leg/arm) with a white eyeliner is worthwhile as you avoid repeating, treating certain areas. The more frequently I use the Lumea the more comfortable I become with it - It's very easy once you get the hang of it, I can now do it whilst watching the TV! (Result!)

If body hair makes you unhappy, like it does me then I defientley recommend this product. I know it's costly but the reality is when you break it down, it works out worthwhile and from the results I've seen it's certainly longer lasting than any other method of hair removal I've ever tried. I also like being able to use this in the comfort of my own home with no more trips to get waxed at the beauty salon! 

The key with using the Philips Lumea is consistency and I know I will continue to use this in the future because a hair free me is a happy me! Trust me! 


 “Lumea, the secret to beautiful hair free skin, for up to 2 months”

Will any of you be trying this? I know some of you have questions so if it's not answered above leave me a comment or Tweet me!

Lots of Love 

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Philips via Mode Media.  The
opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.


  1. Have you tried it on any part of your face yet? Xx

  2. I'm so interested in trying this! Thank you for reviewing it!

    <3 Tawni from Moonshine Beauty


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