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Dolce & Gabbana Collector's Edition



What better way to celebrate Christmas eve EVE, than with these beautiful products from the D&G Collector's EditionI literally squealed when these products landed on my desk, the packaging and the products epitomise luxury - they are seriously special! 


The Bronzer from the Collector's Edition is absolutely stunning, it took me the whole weekend to use it because it was too pretty to touch! The top layer of the bronzer is dusted with shimmer whereas the product itself is a matte, golden bronzer which instantly adds warmth to the skin. The powder is so finely milled and it feels so light once applied on the skin. I find bronzers really tricky with my complexion but this one didn't disappoint, best of all it can be built up without looking muddy on the skin. 


Is there such thing as too many red lipsticks? I think not! The Collector's Edition Shine Lipstick is a bold, true red. The consistency is creamy and hydrating, it has a glossy finish which I'm usually strongly against when it comes to red lipstick but somehow I feel like it really compliments the colour and I mean it is Christmas after all! Once I took these photos I blotted down the shine and my lips were left beautifully stained. It's the perfect Christmas red! (If I make it out of my pjs and actually get dressed up on Xmas day I'll be rocking this red for sure!) 


If you're as last minute as me when it comes to Christmas gifts, Check out the Collector's Edition by Dolce & Gabbana it's stunning! Or even if you want to treat yourself this collection is so incredibly beautiful! and worth checking out! I previously shared my love for 'The One' fragrance which is also part of this collection (FYI this is STILL my daily fragrance!) 

Lots of love and Happy Holidays 


  1. Oh My Goodness!!!! That bronzer is absolutely beautiful!!! I may need to treat myself to that one!

  2. So pretty! These look awesome, especially the lipstick x

  3. I saw the bronzer at Sak's and was awed at how pretty it is x

  4. What a gorgeous lipstick! x


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