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The Ultimate Autumnal Unwind


When the colder weekends kick in, there's nothing I love more, than staying in, wrapping up warm and giving myself a little pamper. On the weekend I get to truly enjoy my products! This usually takes place on Sunday evenings - So before I begin to unwind I thought I'd give you the low down

I'm not massively fond of taking baths, I can feel just as relaxed by having a shower. You probably already know how much I love Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils, they are great at really helping me relax. Lately I have discovered the body wash and it's amazing, especially for all you shower lovers out there. Surprisingly I feel just as relaxed using this as I do from using the oils. It has lavender and vetiver in which is incredible for allowing you to unwind after a busy day/week. 

A lot of you know how much I struggle with sleep and it's something that has got progressively worse this year. I am still using the This Works Deep Sleep products but this 'Deep Relax Balm' has been a total god send. I apply it to my pulse points and the temples of my head. It's fantastic for easing my mind - There's something about the aroma of the essential oils which instantly calms me. As well as using this prior to bed, I use this when I'm feeling irritable, anxious or when I'm travelling - It works wonders. It's such a diddy size which is ideal to carry around with you. 
Shiffa Dubai is becoming one of my favourite brands to really give myself an at home spa experience. I've spoken about how much I loved her 'Energising Body Oil'. I actually used this the other day when I had slept funny and immediately helped the pain in my neck. Recently I tried the Soothing Body Oil  it's not only nourishing on the body but calming and relaxing when applied on the body. 

Shiffa Dubai Relaxing Hair Oil 
When it comes to the weekend I like to lay off the heat and give my hair as much nourishment as possible. This is great for hydration, I love to leave a hair oil on for as long as possible and this one smells amazing. I also find this works well at settling the mind, allowing you to disconnect from the world.

Despite having a skin care regime which is working pretty well at the moment, I still find hydration and dryness is an issue. I have been loving the D&G Aurealux Mask as a pick me up, there's something about sheet face masks that make you feel like you're having a proper pamper - It's probably because you have to lie down and you get to really enjoy doing nothing. These masks are enriched with ingredients that leave your skin feeling invigorated, hydrated and looking radiant. 
My current favourite candle is the Rituals Sacred Fire, it's so Autumnal, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love how the warm patchouli is beautifully balanced by the muskiness of cedar, these candles burn so well and leave the house smelling incredible, I love the inscription on the front 'A life filled with wonder, is a wonderful life" 
Another thing I love to do on a Sunday evening is paint my nails. My nail polish of choice for this cold, grey evening is Deborah Lipmann's 'Sarah Smile' a soft, milky pink - the shade I will always gravitate towards if I'm ever in doubt. It's effortlessly chic and I adore it! No doubt it will pop up on the blog soon. 

So that's how my Sunday evening is panning out, the ultimate Autumnal unwind. Also how amazing is my 'Do not disturb' eyemask from WildFox - It's so unbelievably soft, I love it - Perfect for those Sweet Dreams! 

Hope you're wrapping up warm! 
Lots of Love

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