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From a young age I've always enjoyed flying, although the lead up to travelling is often filled with stress and panic. This affects my mind, body and most importantly my skin. I always prepare a selection of in-flight beauty bits to accompany me, no matter how long or short the journey is. Here's a selection of my in-flight essentials that I brought with me en route to Dubai


Aromatherapy Associates Relax Balm & Deep Relax Oil
I'm one of those people who just doesn't know how to relax and when I fly it's even worse. I don't actually have a fear of flying, in actual fact it's quite the opposite - I love it! There's still something about the whole process of travelling that stresses me out. I always wake up on the day of departure and have this knot of anxiety/worry in my stomach. It makes me feel so sick and it's really hard to shake off. The smell of aromatherapy oils is something that helps to calm me down. I often take a mini AA Bath & Shower oil and massage this in to my pulse points. Simply breathing in the aroma helps to somewhat centre me. This time I also travelled with the Deep Relax Balm I was frantically massaging this all over my wrists and the back of my neck before take off.  Anytime I get that wave of worry I'll smother myself in these. 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
This is one of those frequently featured items on MouldyFruit, it's my ultimate travel essential. Whether it's in my carry on or packed in my suitcase I'm rarely without it! It's the best multi purpose product I've ever used - fact. It's great for dry skin, cracked lips, It's amazing all over the face for hydration and it works wonders on bites and skin irritation. Since EA released the fragrance free version I've used this stuff more than ever!

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment
I was given a sample of this treatment to try and since I've been hooked. My skin is always lacking in hydration and is so often dry, when I fly it's even worse. I love this mask because it can be applied and left on, whether it's overnight or on a flight (Oh wow, that rhymes!) It works so well at rejuvenating the skin, giving it a boost of moisture. Did I mention it smells like almond and coconut? It's one of those products I want to keep applying because it smells so good! It's colourless once applied to the skin with a dewy finish so it's ideal for leaving on and going about your business, on a plane or not! 

Caudalie Lip Conditioner 
I'm never without a lip balm and this one from Caudalie is my new favourite. The texture is hydrating and nourishing on the lips but it doesn't leave a glossy finish. I love that it's a stick applicator, so no need to prod your fingers in a pot - much more hygienic!

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
The whole Skyn Iceland range is fantastic for stressed skin, I've used these eye gels for some time now and they are perfect to travel with. I love how they instantly feel cooling around the eye area, they are so refreshing but work so well at firming the eye area and reducing puffiness - Trust me if they work on my panda eyes it must be a miracle!

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I purchase this mini hand cream from the Boots at the airport almost every time I travel. The size is perfect, whether you're travelling or just throwing it in your handbag - it's so ideal.  The product itself is amazing, it's moisturising but without being greasy and it keeps your hands hydrated for hours. The smell is divine,  actually I think all Soap & Glory products smell incredible! 

Wildfox Eyemask 
This was recently featured in my Autumnal unwind, but how appropriate for those long flights. This has to be one of the most softest eye masks I have ever worn, it's the most comforting cotton and feels amazing against your skin.  

What are your in-flight essentials? Are you travelling anywhere soon!?

Lots of Love

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  1. I love that clear make-up bag! x


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