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#FridayFaceOff 28 & Video - The Birthday Edt.


This should have been up on Friday but let's say by the time I touched down in Dubai the last thing I wanted to do was open my laptop. I created this look and filmed this video prior to my departure, it was a potential look for my birthday celebrations in Dubai on Friday/Saturday - Typical me, I ended up changing my mind last minute but the look is still something I'd often wear. 


For my base it's all about Illamasqua's Skin Base Foundation, especially after attending the Illamasqua Global Beauty course this week. I've worked with this product on all of my models and it has such an incredible finish on the skin. I'm currently using SB12 which is quite yellow, but works well at counteracting redness in my skin. I then corrected the tone underneath my eyes with Laura Mercier's Colour Corrector in Orange/Yellow. To add brightness back underneath the eyes I opted for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger. To add warmth back into my skin I used NARS Laguna, then a touch of MAC Melba on the cheeks - such a pretty peach. I used a new highlighter which is absolutely beautiful it's by HD Brows, expect a post on this v.soon! For my eyes I used the NAKED 3 Palette by Urban Decay, I never jumped on the NAKED hype back in the day, so now I'm having a proper play with the palettes - LOVE! I used Laura Mercier's Faux Lash Mascara. On my Brows I used HD Brows Pencil and Eyebrow Gel both in the shade Vamp - Another new favourite which I'm going to do a full review on soon. I kept it nude and peachy on my lips to tie in with the blush, I went for MAC Spice Lip Liner and MAC Half N Half Lipstick! 


Be sure to check out the video, for a speedy talk through!

Hope you had a good weekend, it's so nice to be back in Dubai, I had a fab weekend with friends here.. Boohoo I'm now a year older! *cries* 

Lots of Love 


  1. This is a gorgeous look, I am loving the nude lip at the moment! Happy birthday xxx
    Katherine Rosie | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous Zara, those lashes are mental! The Naked 3 palette is my fave xx

  3. Beautiful! I love the look very sultry.


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