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The Skin Saviour - Sisley's Black Rose Mask



It seems that after my daily posting last week my MacBook decided it didn't like Dubai and died on me! Tragic but true. In the last few weeks I have gone from London to Paris, back to London and then to Dubai - I have travelled by train and plane and my skin has gone completely NUTS

Whether it's the change of climate or the amount of pollution I've unfortunately been around my skin just isn't happy! Luckily I discovered this little wonder - Sisley's Black Rose Face Mask! My love for Sisley products is not easy on my wallet, but I'm a sucker for French skin care and this brand epitomises luxury French skin care. It's one of those products I always want to save for special occasions but then end up using anyway because it works magic on my skin. 

The mask is such a gorgeous creamy texture, which immediately feels comforting on the skin. It's recommended to leave it on for 15 minutes, although I tend to leave it for a little longer. The smell is divine; rose if the name wasn't enough of a hint! This is the perfect quick fix for boosting dull and tried skin. Once you wash it away your skin is instantly left looking radiant, feeling moisturised, smooth and looking plump. It has been one of those skincare saviours lately.  

Oh Ssiley! You are always worth the splurge! 

Have any of you tried this face mask?

Lots of Love


  1. My favorite face mask! I like to let in condition the skin all night. Works wonders. You should try it! x


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