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Smoked Out!



It's been ages since I've worn a dark, deep nail polish - That all changed when this gorgeous nail colour from Orly landed on my desk. 

'Smoked Out' is part of Orly's Autumn Collection and I have to say I absolutely love it. It's an intense, rich green with turquoise glitter. It's the kind of colour you paint your nails then spend forever staring - It's almost jewel like and the colour dazzles so beautifully under the light. 

It's been ages since I've used an Orly nail polish and I was surprised how opaque this colour was, I expected it to be sheer and wishy washy - instead it was as true to the colour in the bottle. As always I applied two coats but one thick one would have sufficed. Now the days are darker I can see me reaching for the deeper tones - Isn't it funny how things like the weather impact choices like the colour of our nails?

I really love the depth of this colour on my nails and the way it looks against my complexion. I have to say all of Orly's Autumn Collection were colours I could see myself this season. 

What have you been wearing lately?

Lots of Love


  1. I've got to grab this! Just today I picked up Wet 'n' Wild 'Put a Spell on You' for $1.99- love it! It's like Essie Wicked, but more red and has shimmer.


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