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Two ZOEVA Brushes I NOW Can't live without!



Zoeva brushes have caused quite a stir in the beauty blogging world of late and me being the brush addict I am couldn't wait to give them a go! There are two that I am totally crushing on right now and I already see these becoming staples in my brush family. 

100/Luxe Face Finish 
I don't often like big brushes, I just think it's much easier to perfect your application with smaller tools BUT this brush has been such a game changer. The bristles are so incredibly soft, which gives you a light, flawless finish. I adore the angled edge of this brush and I have ben using this to apply my bronzer. It allows you to gently sweep on the product and surprisingly it fits the hollows of my face so well. If I'm going for a less contoured look this is ideal to use to warm up my skin with bronzer. 

144/Concealer Buffer
Boy oh boy! You guys know how important concealer is in my daily make up routine, I'm forever trying to hide my panda eyes. When I use creamy concealers I love the product to be buffed into the skin so that it blends seamlessly  into my foundation - The 142 Concealer Buffer is the for this! I use a larger, similar Sigma brush for my foundation and this is the perfect partner to that for applying concealer. The size of this brush is ideal for using under the eyes and around the nose.

Both of these brushes have been such great additions to my collection.  

I'm thinking of doing an updated blog post/video on my favourite brushes and tools!? Would you like to see that? I honestly think the perfect make up application is so dependent on good brushes! 

Have any of you tried any of the Zoeva brushes? I can't wait to try more from the brand. They are such great quality and so reasonably priced - Check them out HERE

Lots of Love


  1. I've been thinking about trying some Zoeva brushes and these look great! xx

  2. Are these the only two Zoeva brushes you've tried? Would absolutely love to see a video on your favorite brushes/tools!


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