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Hello my loves, sorry it's been a minute I went on holiday last week and was without wifi which was tragic - Everything I wanted to post during the week I wasn't able to get up! I must say though, every now and then a break is essential.


Today is another one of my Rescue Kit posts and coincidently it's the holiday edition. The items in this teeny tiny pouch are some of my holiday essentials.

thisworks - In Transit Spray-On Moisture 
I love to sit in the sun but let's face it we all need a little cooling down now and then - The This Works facial spritz is fantastic at refreshing the skin and keeping your face hydrated. It's such a great size to pop in your beachbag/handbag! 

Institut Estherderm -  Bronz Repair Face Cream 
Institut Estherderm is the ultimate sun care, I've been using it for years. It allows you to tan with maximum protection against the sun. OK so there's no measured SPF BUT what it does is build up the skins tolerance to the sun. The anti wrinkle face cream is a must have for me, as we all know sun is the main cause of ageing! This protects you from even the most extreme sun and allows you to tan evenly - LOVE! 

This stuff is amazing. You have probably heard me rave about it a lot over recent months and I think it's one of those products that will make it to holy grail status. It's just perfect for cooling down and instantly waking up your eyes and this mini size is ideal to pop in your travel bag. 

Even though this isn't a poolside necessity, it's still a holiday must have and I love using this toner after my evening cleanse. It's fabulous for calming the skin especially after spending hours in the sun, ingredients such as aloe vera, calendula and cucumber which leaves the skin feeling revitalised

Everyone needs a lip balm and this has been my holiday saviour especially when I've been chilling on the beach - I find it's easy to apply which is the most important thing, you don't end up with sand all over the place! Baume de Rose has such a comforting feeling on the lips and keeps them hydrated for hours. It also has UV filters! Perfect. 

My skin soaks up moisture after sun exposure, it literally drinks up anything I apply! Once my after sun has disappeared somewhere in the layers of my skin I apply The Body Shop's Body Butter I love how rich this is and how well it absorbs into the skin most importantly it really retains moisture. Using this leaves my skin glowing and enhances the tan!

I hate having hot feet and I hate having cold feet - isn't it funny how your feet can determine your whole body temperature that's why it's so important for me to keep my feet feeling cool. I have used the Liz Earle Foot Spritz for years now, it always accompanies me on holidays and I find myself sitting on a sun lounger spritzing my feet every so often just to refresh and cool down my feet.  

Clynol - Glow Precious Oil 
My hair always ends up feeling dry and rough after being in the sun and sea so now I've got in to the routine of soaking it in oil. I love the feeling of this hair oil because it's not heavy nor does it look greasy, once I wash this  out of my hair it feels super soft and silky but more importantly this helps to bring back that shine! 

These are some of my pooliside partners and beach buddies! What are your must haves? 

Lots of Love

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  1. That shea body butter is actually amazing!
    Afeeyah xo

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